Training and events calendar

16th January 2018: Kickoff meeting prior to student recruitment at the University of Sheffield (UK)

The Governing Board including the scientist-in-charge for each beneficiary will be present, the supervisory board will be invited. The recruitment strategy, IP agreements and data management plan will be finalised.

5th-7th November 2018: Introductory meeting for students at Aesculap AG (Tuttlingen, Germany), meeting co-lead NCSD (Hungary)

Day 1: introduction to the network, expectations for students (half day), introduction to the key issues in joint repair and the projects, by supervisors. Individual meetings between students and their project supervisory team.
Day 2 and 3: Technical Workshop in Orthopaedic Technologies (Orthopaedic and industrial speakers will be invited
Day 2: Medical devices used in spine and related surgeries (Aesculap).
Day 3: Advanced spinal surgery clinical indications, options and outcomes

19th-22nd February 2019: Individual projects progress meeting at University of Bologna (Italy), meeting co-lead Fin-Ceramica Faenza (Italy)

Day 1: ESRs summarise background to and goals for their projects (half day); training in project management (half day).
Scientific workshop on Biomaterials
Day 2: Introduction to orthopaedic Biomaterials, the main materials in use and future trends, mechanical testing of materials including visit to biomaterial processing non-academic (Fin-Ceramica Faenza). Students will present a literature review of the materials used in their projects or on biomechanical testing methodologies.
Training in scientific and public dissemination
Day 3: Scientific writing course with visiting speakers – hands-on workshop on abstracting, format of papers, difference between writing a paper and a patent (half day), Intellectual Property Rights, publishing ethics, authorship, how to deal with IP (half day).
Day 4: Workshop on public engagement, how to interact with the media, with hands-on preparation of activities to take place later.

January 2020: Individual projects progress meetings at University of Sheffield (UK), meeting leads Ansys SAS (Villeurbanne, France) and Adagos (Ramonville, France)

Day 1: Individual project meetings with supervisors (half day).
Day 2: Mid-Term Review Conference. Students will organise a programme for their project presentations and choose an invited speaker, external visitors will be invited.
Technical workshop on Biomechanical modelling:
Day 3: Technical workshop in multiscale modelling including basics of what modelling can provide, software available, modelling at different scales Ansys. ESRs undertaking modelling projects will prepare ‘Modelling for Dummies’ introductory lectures for the non-modelling students. Introduce concept and limitations of reduced order modelling (Adagos).
Day 4: General workshop on modelling for orthopaedic biomechanics, including colleagues from Ansys, Adagos, University of Sheffield and external colleagues.

October 2020: Training and career planning meeting at the University of Sheffield (UK)

Day 1: Individual projects progress meeting. Project progress presentations with detailed questions from supervisors followed by individual student project meetings to guide final project phase.
Day 2: Training in career management. Seminar on future careers with representatives from academia, non-academic and science communication organisations. Advice on writing CVs and job applications, how to apply for a research fellowship e.g. Marie Sklodowska Curie IF, entrepreneurship and how to create a spin-out company (with partner Adagos as a case study).
Scientific workshop on cell biology (Days 3 and 4):
Day 3: Seminars in cell/ biomaterial interactions from invited speakers (half day) introduction to cell culture and hands-on practical by students on Biomaterials courses will get an introduction to the INSIGNEO cell culture facilities (half day).
Day 4: Follow up of practical (e.g. cell counting techniques) (half day).

June 2021: Final Conference and Showcase at the National Centre for Spinal Disorders (Hungary).

Programme to be organised by students to include their final project presentations and the work that will be submitted for their doctoral theses. Supervisors, collaborators, potential collaborators and employers will be invited. To maximise attendance the conference will be organised to overlap with the European Society of Biomechanics summer conference (venue to be confirmed).