Training locations

Map of Europe showing countries participating int he SPINNER projectAs part of the doctoral programme, you will need to spend an extended period of time at partner institutions, so your degree will be split between at least two countries. In addition, you will take part in network training events at each of the main training partner institutions.

Research/Technical skills will be taught at the following locations:

University of Sheffield (UK): Cell culture, microscopy, PCR, Bioreactor culture, Finite element modelling, Gait analysis.

Università di Bologna (Italy): In vitro biomechanical testing, non-destructive and destructive tests, experimental stress analysis.

National Centre for Spinal Disorders (Budapest, Hungary): Orthopaedic and spine surgery, treatment indications, pre-operative evaluation, post-operative care.

Aesculap AG (Tuttlingen, Germany): design and production of implantable spinal devices.

Fin-Ceramica Faenza (Italy): Production of bioactive ceramic materials; Manufacturing of medical materials and physico-chemical characterisation of biomaterials.

Ansys SAS (Villeurbanne, France): Extracting quantitative information from images; Mechanical assessment by numerical modelling.

Adagos (Ramonville, France): Reduced order modelling, improved solution times, topologically optimised neural networks.

Transferrable skills will be taught at the following locations:

University of Sheffield (UK) and Università di Bologna (Italy): Teaching skills: supervising undergraduate and masters students, demonstrating in practical and problem classes. Management of IPR and dissemination. Presentation skills: group seminars and University events, Project management: preparing monthly progress reports, risk assessment and ethics applications.

National Centre for Spinal Disorders (Hungary): Interactions with surgeons and other clinicians as well as non-specialists (patients), integrating engineering solutions with clinical needs.

Aesculap AG (Tuttlingen, Germany): R&D in the industry. Design-validation-marketing pipeline. Regulatory affairs.

Fin-Ceramica Faenza (Italy): Quality assurance, Optimisation of production process, Regulatory affairs.

Ansys SAS (Villeurbanne, France): Quality assurance for software.

Adagos (Ramonville, France): Managing a small enterprise